Transporting Animals on Airplanes

Many people love to travel, and one of their favourite modes of transportation is travelling by air. When they do, many want to take their pets with them. Those who are new to this have to realise that the airlines will have specific rules regarding this subject. Each airline will have its own set of rules, but they will have a lot in common.

What You Should Expect

The airlines will have certain expectations from you when using their services for transporting your pet. You should also have some expectations for them. Seek out an airline that makes pet transporting something important to them. Aside from what they tell you, there is another way that you can determine this. It will be by the rules they have set for you to use their services. For example, suppose many of the regulations apply to the animal’s safety and comfort. In that case, you know they care about your pet.

You want to know that they have staff on hand who are trained in handling the animals. Also, is there anyone who stays in the vicinity of where they are being housed during the flight?

Travel in the Cabin

Animals need emotional support when flying. There are a lot of circumstances when your pet can travel in the cabin of the plane with you. Again the airline will have rules concerning this. Approval for this type of travel with your pet will depend on you not being a minor who doesn’t have an adult with you. Where you are seated will be taken into account as well. There will also be additional rules as per each airline.

Preparing Your Pet

You will want to prepare your pet for the flight if it has never travelled this way before. You can check with your vet for advice.

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