Are Nicotine Pouches Allowed in a Plane?

Nicotine pouches are increasingly becoming popular in the UK. Recent estimates indicate that 1 in 400 adults in the UK uses nicotine pouches. But there is much confusion regarding the legality of nicotine pouches. While there are calls to ban nicotine pouches in the UK, they are not illegal. But can you bring them to the airport and on the plane?

Well, the legality of nicotine pouches varies from country to country. While they are allowed in most countries, including the UK, some countries, such as Norway and Canada, prohibit them.

At the Airport

The first question to ask yourself is whether you can check in at a UK airport with nicotine pouches. Yes, you can; there is no restriction, at least at all UK airports. But when travelling to other countries, make sure to check whether nicotine pouches are legal or illegal. You don’t want to take the risk, as ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

In a Plane

What about on a plane? Yes. You can tag along with your pouches during your flight. They are a good substitute for smokers who want a little bust mid flight, as they are smoke-free. But it’s essential to be conversant with the airline’s policy on waste disposal. Better still, find your ways of disposing of the waste appropriately.

If you are about to catch your holiday flight and wondering how to fix your nicotine cravings mid-flight, these pouches will suffice, as you can’t smoke cigarettes, vapes or e-cigarettes. But we have to reiterate, ascertain the legality of nicotine pouches in your destination. If it’s legal, remember to carry enough stock to last you through your flight!

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