World’s Best Airports

Air travel would not be possible if it were not for the existence of airports that control the movement of aircraft. All world-class airports offer world-class services. Here are some of the world’s best airports.

Heathrow Airport

It is a public airport located in London and operated by Heathrow Airport limited. It is an international airport that is rated 2nd in terms of being busy and Europe’s busiest airport. In 2018, the hub handled 80.1 million passengers which was an improvement from 2017. A total of 480,339 aircraft moved through this airport in 2018.

Haneda airport

This is Tokyo’s main international airport. It is a public airport located in Ota, Tokyo. The operators of this airport are Civil Aviation Bureau, Japan Airport Terminal Co, and the Tokyo International Air Terminal Corp. It is meant to serve the greater Tokyo area. In 2018, it recorded a total of 87,098,683 passengers.

Los Angeles International Airport

It is a public international airport also known as LAX which serves the United States, Los Angeles, California, and its surrounding area. It serves the needs of the city of Los Angeles and is operated by Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. It was opened in 1930 and in 2018 it had 87,534,384 passengers and 707,833 Aircraft.

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