How Airplanes Changed Global Transport

The existence of air transport in the modern world has changed the global transportation spectrum in a lot of ways. Since the invention of air transport, there has been tremendous growth in the transport sector. There have been more interconnections between countries and this has made the world a global village.


Air transport has made the movement of cargo and people from one place to another faster. The speed is good and, therefore, it takes a shorter time to move. For patients, they can be moved to different facilities in different countries very fast.

Opening Up Transport Networks

Airplanes have brought connections between different places. Due to the existence of planes, there have come about air routes that connect various countries. The existence of airplanes has helped in global trade. Goods and services can be moved from different places with much ease. Goods that are highly perishable are transported through the air and hence they do not go bad during transportation.

Air transport has helped people connect with others from distant places since air transport can cover long distances.

Overall, airplanes have had a positive impact on transportation globally.

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