The Earliest Airplanes

Ever wondered when the first successful airplane was made? Or maybe who made it? Here are a few answers about when the first plane was made.

It took a very long process for a successful airplane to be made after it was first discovered that motion could also occur in the air. People first made kites that could fly before they tried any flying tests on man. People did not lose hope on having airplanes even though their plans seemed to always fail.

  • The first airplane to move in the air was made in 1903. The Wright brothers, Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, were the great brains behind the making of that plane. The brothers had first made a glider in 1902. This is what gave them the motivation to push harder and try to make an airplane.

The brothers followed a concept made by George Cayley in 1799 which is one of the major concepts of modern airplanes. They were successful in their quest and managed to make history in the last month of 1903 when they flew in Kitty Hawk using their self-made airplane. The plane had a deficit as it had only one way of landing: crash landing.

  • Alberto Santos made an improvement on the airplane idea in 1906. The idea helped him become the first person to make an airplane that was not assisted by a catapult to achieve flight. The plane also set a world record for having flown for 220 meters in a period of about 20 seconds.

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