Most Famous Airplane Companies

Airplanes are some of the few machines made by man that are capable of moving through the air. They are currently very useful as they offer a very fast means of transportation. They are quite expensive to acquire and maintain. Most airplanes are owned by airlines that use them for commercial purposes. Here are some of the great companies which build some of those planes that are used for air travel.

Airbus Jets

They first came into the market in 1997 when they announced the launch of their first corporate jet. It was the first version of their Airbus A319 airplane. This is when they began their fierce competition with the Boeing Jets Company. Their first jet was worth about $35 million at that time. The company increased its marketing aggressiveness in areas of North America in 2006 and also added a completion area which was meant to help in finishing the airplane’s interior parts.

The manufacturers have since then come up with four models of their planes which include the A 320, A321, A318, and A319. There are thousands of Airbus planes around the world with most of them being owned by commercial airlines. A large percentage of these planes are owned by airlines in North America. They have now improved their planes by equipping them with better fuel-saving engines.

Boeing Jets

The Boeing Jets manufacturers came to light in 1996. This came about after Boeing Company had made a partnership with the General Electric Company. The General Electric Company is the maker of the 737 newer generation engines. The 737 jet is currently one of the best jetliners with great achievements.

Boeing Jet took some of the parts of the 737 jetliners and decided to make a better plane. The plane made had a large fuel tank with an ability to hold enough for a plane to travel for around 6,000 nautical miles. They later made an improvement of that version for the plane to hold a larger number of passengers.

The company made an announcement of its Max plane in 2012 which was much larger than the 2005 models. The 737 Max had a better engine efficiency and much better aerodynamics compared to the 2005 models. The Boeing Max 8 and Max 9 have the capability to carry enough fuel to hold the plane in the air for more than 6,200 nautical miles. Boeing is a great competitor of the Airbus Jets in airplanes market.

These two companies are always competing for a share of the airplane market. Airbus has dominated the US while Boeing has featured more in other parts of the world. Recent crashes have dealt Boeing quite a blow and they will be looking to correct that fast.

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