The Use of Interior Design in Airplanes

From the moment the first airplane successfully took flight, the interior design of aircraft has been a consideration for all designers and engineers working on the latest models. Whether it be making the inside of a Typhoon fighter jet as practical as possible for the military pilot in the cockpit; or adding luxurious features to a private charter jet for world leaders and the super-rich – interior design is always carefully thought about.

With the rise of large passenger planes and growing tourism and emigration around the world, many airlines compete over the interiors of their aircraft and strive to make the in-flight experience as comfortable as possible for passengers. Regardless of whether an airline is selecting the finest glassware available from Royal Design for first-class passengers or trying to determine the perfect economy seat layout to maximize profits as well as comfort – it will always take the work of interior designers and engineers to make everything work as perfectly as possible while in the air.

The Most Luxury Uses of Interior Design in Airplanes

The world has taken a significant step forward since the first successful flight, with airplanes evolving beyond recognition compared to the first prototypes. What were once crude examples of wood and cords carefully constructed together to glide through the sky have now become gigantic passenger jets and luxurious hotels with wings for the wealthiest in society.

The Gulfstream G500, costing $44 million, takes luxury air travel to a new level. Cabins are bespoke fitted with leather seating, designed to the customer’s specifications. With this luxury offering from Gulfstream, the days of having to switch off your phone during a flight are gone as high-speed internet is also thrown into the purchase. Fancy carpets and televisions that rise from cabinets are all part of the fun when you’re able to afford to travel around in jets such as this. With an increasing demand for high-end travel through the world’s skies, it isn’t just a good airport experience that some lucky passengers have to look forward to.

The Embraer Lineage 1000E takes over-the-top luxury even further than you’d possibly expect. This converted airliner can be customized with a full master bedroom and walk-in shower, which isn’t common to find when it comes to traveling alongside the birds. For extra extravagance, you can even opt for some pretty out-there design concepts – such as one inspired by Japan’s Kyoto with floral wall displays and sky-lights around the passenger cabin so a full view of the surrounding sky can be witnessed.

Next time you take to the sky at the start of a holiday, take a look around and consider the thought and work that would have gone into designing the interior space you’re traveling in and how you’d improve it further.

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